When your website is up and running, that’s when the story begins

Our mission is to keep your website in top shape, following modern standards and the latest recommendations for search engine optimization, page speed and security. Whenever things change, you will be one of the first to know so we can decide how to best move forward.

Future-proofing every site and forging long term relationships

Every website needs to be in constant motion forward in this rapid changing web. We only work with well coded premium plugins and apps to ensure highest compatibility and a long lifetime for every product. So to ensure that everything plays well and will keep up the pace of change, we include a big variety of products into all our plans. You get highest quality services, and we can sleep good at night, everybody wins.

I feel thoroughly taken care of by Profundo. They designed my site in accordance with all of my wishes. They host it. They keep it safe and updated. They’re fast, professional, and, most importantly, friendly! I’ll never move anywhere else!

Mattias Olsson
Campfire Stories